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The black jerseys immediately helped the coaches quickly identify starting players. The unmarked jerseys were collected each day for laundering and then redistributed during the next practice. After a time, the black jerseys were only given to the defensive players who practiced and performed well. “There probably wasn’t a day when we didn’t make switches,” said George Kelly, Nebraska’s defensive line coach from 1960 to 1968.

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The first documented appearance of the expression “To give the shirt off one’s back”, happened in 1771 as an idiom that indicates extreme desperation or generosity and is still in common usage. In 1827 Hannah Montague, a housewife in upstate New York, invents the detachable collar. Tired of constantly washing her husband’s entire shirt when only the collar needed it, she cut off his collars and devised a way of attaching them to the neckband after washing. It wasn’t until the 1930s that collar stays became popular, although these early accessories resembled tie clips more than the small collar stiffeners available today. They connected the collar points to the necktie, keeping them in place [13][better source needed]

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