Gray shirts Sleeve

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The Grey Longsleeve T-Shirt is a cosmetically (but not physically) different version of the common base item. To be able to craft this item the player will need it in its Steam inventory.

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The shirt sometimes had frills at the neck or cuffs. In the sixteenth century, men’s shirts often had embroidery, and sometimes frills or lace at the neck and cuffs and through the eighteenth-century long neck frills, or jabots, were fashionable.Coloured shirts began to appear in the early nineteenth century, as can be seen in the paintings of George Caleb Bingham. They were considered casual wear, for lower-class workers only, until the twentieth century. For a gentleman, “to wear a sky-blue shirt was unthinkable in 1860 but had become standard by 1920 and, in 1980, constituted the most commonplace event.

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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